Support and assistance on transformers of any brand

All kind of maintenance, revamping and service activities.

Support and assistance

Service department

Selected local partners

Travel worldwide within 24H

Support & Assistance

Specialtrasfo has its own instruments and equipment ready to be dispatched worldwide:

  • Dedicated containers equipped with repairs tools and instruments.
  • Oil pump and oil treatment machines.
  • Portable tool box for transformer installation.
  • Mobile testing room in a fully equipped container.

Specialtrasfo has a Service Department composed by:

- Dedicated Service and After Sale Manager.
- Services engineers ready to travel worldwide within 24H.
- Team of commissioning engineers.
- Team of technical engineers for one site investigation and troubleshooting.
- Working team for one site maintenance or installation.

Specialtrasfo, in addition to the internal service team, has selected local partners in order to reach its customers as rapidly as possible.

Service Department

Standard Maintenance

Specialtrasfo can quickly intervene in case of standard maintenance, diagnostics and all the activities involving action on accessible transformer components and fittings i.e.:
- Cooling system, piping and gaskets.
- Oil-treatment.
- Marshalling box and auxiliary cables.
- Accessories.
- Protection relays.
- Painting and other auxiliaries, etc.

All these activities can also be conducted by selected local service partner, under strict supervision of Specialtrasfo® service engineers and technical department in Italy.

In the case of major repairs, Specialtrasfo evaluates with the client the best way to proceed considering all the possible options:
- Move the transformer to our workshop in Italy.
- Move the transformer to local partner’s workshops.
- Operate directly at customer site.

Approch to Major Repairs

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