Converter Transfomers

Converter Transformers

Transformers for MV Drives and Converter applications

Capacity up to
AC primary voltage up to
Frequencies up to
Multi-pulse topologies available

up to 36-pulse in a single unit

Multi-level converter transformer

up to 18 secondaries (Perfect Harmony)

Electrostatic shield

between primary and secondary windings

  • Additional info

    We manufacture converter transformers for Variable Speed Drives and for Static VAR Compensation systems in the medium voltage range.

    The most common typology is the three-winding arrangement with delta and wye secondary connections to obtain 12-pulse reaction.

  • environmental conditions

    Designed to meet all types of environmental conditions:

    • extreme temperatures, from -50°C to +55°C;
    • altitude, over 4000 m asl;
    • corrosive atmospheres;
    • seismic zones;
    • hazardous areas;
    • marine application for propulsion and distribution.

    All cooling system types available, by means of mineral or less-flammable fluids, air or water external cooling mediums, natural or forced circulation.

Case history

Year: 2020

18,8 MVA

33/4 x 1,85 kV

24 pulse

Weight 50.000 kg

Maximum ambient temperature 55 °C