The first form of sustainability it is the economic one: Cribis Prime Company

There is a lot to talk about Sustainability, a word that immediately brings to mind the various initiatives that certify the company’s commitment to society and even more to the environment. Fundamental principles in the management of a company today, but we tend to forget a third – equally important – form of Sustainability: the Economic one. The first duty of a company, whatever the field of activity, is in fact creating a solid reality, capable of absolve its commitments to the market in correct time and manner, capable of guaranteeing a work environment that generates serenity for employees, suppliers, and customers. In conclusion, the sense of existence of a company is closely related to its ability to relate correctly and punctually with all economic stakeholders.

For this reason, obtaining the Cribis Prime Company it is a particularly important recognition, which testifies to the efforts made over the years by Specialtrasfo to create a solid and trustworthy company and attest its full reliability. This prestigious recognition, which is recognised only to a small percentage of companies, well below 10% of the millions of companies operating in the Italian territory, takes into consideration a vast number of variables and measures the probability that a company generates serious commercial insolvency.

The obtaining of the Cribis Prime Company is, for the entire reference chain, an assurance that the company places itself at the highest levels of reliability from the point of view of commercial relations: “We are proud to have gained this recognition from Cribis – it is the comment of Dr. Fabio D’Orazio, commercial director of Specialtrasfo – Although in a difficult period from an international point of view, marked first by the Covid-19 pandemic and by the long chain of problems that ensued and then by the Ukrainian conflict, which is severely testing the balance between countries, we always paid particular attention to the economic situation of the company. How much the situation we are living can weigh on a firm accustomed to operating on a global stage is easily understandable: despite this, we have on the one hand always guaranteed quality supplies, maintaining excellent levels from all points of view, while on the other it is for us an indispensable principle to always honor with precision and punctuality all business commitments, including payments to suppliers”.

The Cribis Prime Company certificate is issued by Cribis D&B, a company of the CRIF group, specialising in the supply of commercial information, particularly with regard to the economic reliability of the companies. To make these ratings, the Cribis D&B Rating is used, a synthetic indicator generated on the basis of a specific statistical algorith.