Energy Efficiency Supplier Symposium: time to work together

In every society, in every time and place, in spite of cultural differences and technological progress, it has always been known: unity is strength. People working together will be able to produce ideas and results that go far beyond the sum of individual efforts: a principle all the more true if it concerns complex and priority topics such as energy efficiency and security. Topics that we had the pleasure of discussing together with an international pool of colleagues at the ABB Energy Efficiency Supplier Symposium that was held in Helsinki, Finland, last February. At the meeting, during which we were able to attend interventions of the highest level and present our approach, 12 selected realities were  invited in a parterre of about 10 thousand: although Specialtrasfo was the smallest company, the choice of the Energy Efficiency Movement on this occasion fell on us because of the commitment shown on all issues related to sustainability, from the new location with reduced environmental impact to the policies of recycling and reuse of waste materials, up to the commitment in the production of energy from photovoltaic systems with the aim of covering more than 100% of its electricity needs and so on.

During the two days the present realities have been engaged in the identification and the search of solutions for the reduction of the energetic consumptions: on the other hand, this is the philosophy of the Energy Efficiency Movement, organizer of the symposium in which can participate representatives of industry and academia world or representatives of  the public sector and other institutions interested in practical and immediate action. Two factors are at stake: on the one hand Energy Efficiency and on the other, closely linked, Energy Security.

Today, in fact, the second cannot exist without the first and is therefore no longer just an environmental issue - however fundamental - but also a crucial factor of the economic well-being and social stability of nations. The central issue of Energy Efficiency not only offers pragmatic, real and enforceable solutions to address problems and achieve the goals of the Paris Accords, but offers solutions that are already applicable now. To confront each other, create awareness about existing solutions and engage in the development of increasingly efficient tools and technologies, Lasting and sustainable is our daily commitment and - as we have been able to see for ourselves on this occasion - an objective that is increasingly shared internationally.